Why does Ryan Reynols make a drink called “The Vasectomy”

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, who will soon release Free Guy, a film made for Netflix, is partly the owner of a gin brand, “Aviation American Gin”, Free Guy full movie whose promotion he has directly associated with his image, with advertising photos and high-profile videos. production and quality.

But this time he surprised his followers with a specific post, with the style of humor that characterizes him, thinking about the celebration of Father’s Day that generated comments of all kinds, acid, adhesion, friendly, from them, due to who showed how to use his product in a drink that he had invented which he called “The Vasectomy.”

Reynolds father of three young children, 1-year-old Betty, 4-year-old Inez and 6-year-old James, from his marriage to Blake Lively, said there was no special reason for the name chosen for his drink and with the histrionics that characterizes it he taught how do it.

“This Father’s Day follow the procedure below to enjoy a refreshing @AviationGin cocktail that I have dubbed THE VASECTOMY for no particular reason. It’s as refreshing as parenthood. Happy Father’s Day everyone!”

In his presentation he says: “It is Father’s Day, but if you don’t mind we are going to celebrate it with the mother of all cocktails, Vasectomy. Let me show you how to prepare it: first fill a tall glass with ice, as children fill our lives. with so much joy, “he begins while some ice falls off him. “Then pour an ounce of sweet cranberry juice as little smiles at him,” he adds, opening a bottle. Then, “pour three ounces of tonic, so bubbly”, let go while the contents are scattered by the excess gas and looking at the camera adds: “as happens with everything when you have children …”.

Reynols at the beginning of the year sold part of the beverage company to the multinational Diageo, owner of other brands such as Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, J&B or Gordon’s. It emerged that he paid Reynolds $ 335 million upfront and that an additional $ 275 million will depend on sales over the next decade.