Ryan Reynolds’ new movie Free Guy delays its release date again

Disney has decided to change its release schedule again this year. Although it had recently reconfigured its strategy, the advance of the pandemic has caused the mouse company to reorder its releases in order to get the maximum possible benefit taking into account the current circumstances, with a few movie theaters. that do not receive as many viewers as before.

One of those films that had been left in limbo was “Free Guy full movie“, starring Ryan Reynolds, in which the popular actor played an NPC character in a video game who really realizes in the world he lives in. he tries by all means to get out of it, a very interesting premise that once again shows the passion of the popular actor for the world of video games, since he comes from starring in “Pok√©mon: Detective Pikachu”, and his involvement in the television adaptation is also confirmed of the classic “Dragon’s Lair” .. A film very much in the line of what the actor has used to us and that will finally be released on August 13th.

Thus, little by little a summer is becoming more than interesting, as we remember that we also have films like “Fast and Furious 9”, which will be released on July 2, or “Black Widow”, which will finally also be released on the seventh month of the year.