‘Free Guy’ Announces New Release Date In Hilarious Video Starring Ryan Reynolds

‘Free Guy’ is a film that is generating a lot of expectation, and not only because of its cast. The continuous delays that its premiere has suffered since the pandemic began have contributed to increasing anxiety and boredom to see the film released once and for all. Free Guy full movie Its production ended in 2019 and the premiere was set for May 2020, but the confinement prevented it and it was moved until July of the same year, like many other 20th Century Fox titles. Then it went to December and finally, to May 2021 And once again, the situation in the United States with restrictions and many closed cinemas have prevented it from being seen this spring. That is why the star of the film, Ryan Reynolds, wanted to reflect this madness of changes in a hilarious Instagram video.

Reynolds, while joking in the publication with the uncertainty that the project was generating, also wanted to remove some iron from it. He announced through his account the new release date, in theory for August 13 in the United States. Thus the protagonist of ‘Deadpool’ has been the main responsible for increasing the hype of this ambitious project that he also produces together with his director, Shawn Levy (‘Night at the museum’). Already at the 2019 New York Comic Con, he stated the following: “I have not been so immersed, committed and enthusiastic about something since ‘Deadpool'”, so logically he will feel the main responsible for updating us about the new developments .

‘Free Guy’ will mix science fiction with action and a lot of comedy. The plot will revolve around a bank worker who one day realizes that he is actually a player in a video game. In addition to Reynolds, another highlight of the film is the presence in the co-star role of Jodie Comer, the murderer of ‘Killing Eve’ who will make the leap for the first time to a major blockbuster. And it does not stop there, since the cast is finished by the actor of ‘Stranger Things’ Joe Keery and Taika Waititi. Many recipes for success put together in one film produced by the ‘Deadpool’ production company, TSG Entertainment.

If the situation had improved in the summer and the release date of ‘Free Guy’ was effectively confirmed for next August 13, a very interesting summer month would be waiting for us. There are already many premieres that have been set at this time in the hope that vaccines have contributed to loosen restrictions in the United States. During this month, Warner Bros. titles would also arrive in the country such as’ The Suicide Squad ‘, the newest part of the’ Kingsman ‘saga with’ The King’s Man: The First Mission ‘and another of Reynolds’ great projects for this year, ‘The other bodyguard 2’.